Fast Weight Loss Is More Water Than Fat

obese women in USA

Obesity is one of the most common medical conditions which the human population is facing currently. With astonishing figures on the percentages of the people obese in any country, it is quite understandable that many people want to lose their weight and attain a very healthy and fit body.

Due to endless advice people receive they are often not sure about the right techniques, tips and diet plans to follow.

After endless perusal of health magazines and searching for tips online, creating rigorous diet plans and carrying out strenuous activities, many people are still unable to lose their weight properly.

There can be multiple reasons behind this. However, the most prominent cause is that the majority wants to shed those extra pounds really fast and without any delay.

This apparently seems fine but Phen375 reviews believes that the problem lies in the fact that fast weight loss can be more water than fat.

1.  What really helps in losing weight effectively is, for example, a diet which strictly restricts excessive intake of carbohydrates or fat. But if you try to lose maximum weight in minimum time that weight is mainly water loss.

A diet which does not include any carbohydrates can be classified as a severely restricted one and such meals can lead to the depletion of the sources of glycogen in your body. This can lead to water loss which accounts for loss in overall weight of the body.

Many of the diet plans usually advertised to result in quick weight loss employ this very strategy. By strictly stopping the consumption of important nutrients, they depend on water loss for immediate and perceivable results. Not only is this kind of diet temporary and ineffective in the long run, but it can also make one feel lethargic, tired and weak.

Additionally, a lack of concentration and energy may also accompany such fast weight loss diets. Moreover, if a person practicing such a diet plan resumes the old routine and eating habits, the person will soon gain all the lost ‘weight’ back.

2. Losing body fat is not an immediate or fast process. It requires time, effort and patience. Strict meal plans, exercise and dedication is required to make them successful. This further proves that the apparently fast weight loss programs are mere gimmicks since they only lose water which can be easily gained back soon.

To effectively reduce weight one needs to regularly eat food with fewer calories than usual. A good calculation of their metabolic rate can also help one to figure out the amount of calories they burn each day. This will help one consume calories accordingly. Similarly, such diet plans usually extend over long periods of time or at least a few weeks.

One of the safest and most guaranteed ways to lose weight healthily is to slowly start cutting down on the calories you consume each day and increase the amount of physical activity you participate in.

weight loss exercise

3. Exercise plays an undeniably important role in healthy weight loss which is more fat than water unlike the fast weight loss diets. If one even exercises for 30 minutes per day but in an effective manner by using the suggested exercises, healthy weight loss can be achieved.

Aerobic exercise is said to be highly effective in losing unnecessary body fat. This exercise helps burn fat and involves the exercise of heart and cardiovascular muscles. Swimming, biking, dancing, brisk walking, playing tennis, skating and running are all activities which are very beneficial in losing weight if done regularly.

4. Lastly, strength training is very significant if one intends to achieve lasting weight loss. Lifting and other types of muscle building activities can greatly help burn excessive body fat and healthily lose weight.

Even though such activities also build muscles but it has been proven that in the process of building these muscles, the metabolic rate of the body is also increased by 15 percent which further helps lose weight.

This is also effectual because this kid of training mainly burns fat calories which are essentially the calories which one needs to burn for lasting weight loss. Some helpful exercises include military presses, pull downs and squats regularly to healthily shed off the extra weight.

Conclusively, Phen375 believes that weight loss is not as easy and fast of a process as one might believe it to be. Hence all those strategies need to be employed which shed off weight in a healthy and safe manner.

It is not merely the concern of gaining back weight which makes fast diet plans so dangerous. It is the fact that these diets can significantly damage or tire out your body leading to fatigue and in severe cases, death.

It is extremely important to carefully consider all your diet plans to avoid any such unpleasant experiences and lose weight the way your body easily can.